Embedded Development

Embedded hardware and software empower your product to be part of a connected IoT world.
As experts in modern wireless technologies, we bridge the physical and digital world,
collaborating with you to shape the digital future of your products.


Bringing Ideas to Life -
through Custom Embedded Solutions

Your requirements are at the center.
Because the specific challenges and use cases of your smart product require a tailored solution for hardware and software. With our technical competence and expertise in all necessary disciplines and technologies, we are capable of developing individual solutions for you, all in one place. Whether it's technically demanding retrofit integration into existing systems
or the development of new products - your challenge is our motivation. With our years of experience in various industries, for both B2B and B2C products, we accompany you from consulting and concept development to prototyping and all the way to series production and certification. Do you want to enhance and future-proof your products through connectivity?
We are your reliable development partner to turn your ideas into reality.

Embedded Software

Efficiency is paramount in the development of your application-specific software. Tailored firmware controls the actions of the electronics, forming the core of your smart product. It serves as the driving force behind the control of all components, data transmission, and seamless interaction with users of your product. In custom development, the focus is not only on reliability and security but also on efficiency.
An example of this is extending battery life through optimized energy consumption in battery-operated products. This reduces your maintenance costs based on intelligently designed algorithms.
Embedded Software Services in Detail
  • System Architecture and Design

    - Capturing your requirements
    - Choosing the right technologies for your product

  • Programming and Implementation

    - Development of software according to modern standards
    - Scrum process
    - Use of open-source components speeds up development

  • Operating Systems

    - Linux- or Realtime Operating Systems
    - Driver development
    - Configuration of Linux-Images

  • Security and Encryption

    - Signed Images
    - Secure Boot
    - TLS
    - Device Certificates

  • Quality Assurance

    - Peer Review
    - Statistical Analysis
    - Unit Tests
    - Hardware-in-the-Loop-Tests


Embedded Hardware

Requirement-specific hardware forms the solid foundation of your IoT product.
With our expert selection of the right components, we ensure that the capabilities for your product and use case are optimally covered. To minimize your risks, we rely on close collaboration between you and our developer teams, ensuring ongoing communication between hardware and software development. We support you from circuit diagram and design development to housing design and the precise antenna solution for signal stability and reliable data transmission. To minimize development risk and resource usage for you, the first layout revision is already in the final form factor.
Embedded Hardware Services in Detail
  • Design and Circuit Layout

    - Component selection
    - Schematic development
    - Layout development
    - Optimization for high-speed-signals
    - Optimization of installation space
    - Optimization of bill-of-material

  • Connectivity and Communication

    - Integration of various interfaces and bus systems
    - Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Cellular, 868 MHz
    - Modbus, M-Bus, CAN
    - DALI, KNX

  • Housing design

    - Conception and industrial design
    - Fast development through rapid prototyping
    - Co-design of hardware and housing

  • Antenna design and optimization

    - Adaption of antennas to the installation situation
    - Simulation of radiation characteristics
    - Antenna design

  • Testing, Certification and Production

    - Bring-up and testing
    - Testing in inhouse climatic chamber
    - Small batch production
    - Assistance with CE and other certifications


Expertise that grows with every project

LoRa Alliance
Narrowband IoT
3G, 4G, 5G
KNX Automation
Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
OPC Unified Architecture
zigbee Connectivity

Why grandcentrix?

Your Benefits in Embedded Development with us

Together with you, we develop intelligent products for connected, scalable solutions.
The cornerstone for this is often the development of embedded software and hardware, as it enables data communication from and with products. For us, development is more than solving your technical challenges.
It's our passion to create new opportunities for you, enabled by the use of technology.


We want to understand our customers' challenges, goals, and current status precisely. With the help of Discovery Sprints, we determine your exact position, thereby minimizing development risks for a joint project.

IoT Engineering made in Germany

We understand the quality standards of the German medium-sized businesses and speak the same language. With qualified and experienced professionals, we ensure high-quality development results for you.


We have a broad expertise and mastery in various forms of networking and connectivity protocols. This independence allows us to select the technology that best suits your product, thereby enhancing its quality.


We have experience and in-depth knowledge in developing IoT solutions, utilizing proven methods such as Blueprints, Best Practices, and Libraries. Our drive to continually learn and adapt ensures that we provide you with the latest and best solutions.


We write excellent code and follow a standard 4-eye principle in quality assurance to ensure its excellence. Because our code is an integral part of your product, it must be as precise and robust as your product itself.


We gladly leverage hardened solutions from the open-source community while considering intellectual property (IP) rights and obligations to mitigate risks on your behalf.


We have extensive in-house testing capabilities, including environmental chambers, antenna testing facilities, and automated test setups, to further enhance the quality of results for your project.

Interdisciplinary Teams

We have expertise across all disciplines and development components. It's not just about expertise; it's about assembling the right and best team to develop the solution with you.
With the development of embedded software and hardware, we assist you in transmitting data from products,
devices, and machines to a cloud or IT infrastructure. To fully harness the potential of developing connected, intelligent products for your business, additional IoT building blocks are required. Services that we are pleased to offer you:

Harnessing IoT data - scalable and secure

Connected products generate data. We assist you in deriving added value from this data, enabling data-driven decision-making. Thanks to individual backend systems, we provide you with the flexibility to address specific requirements and tackle complex application areas.

Interaction with smart products - anytime and anywhere

Connected products require the ability to interact. We assist you in the development of apps and frontends, bridging the gap between devices and users. With a strong focus on providing a seamless experience between smart products and apps, we give you a competitive edge.

Success Stories

Success Stories from our Customers -
Reflection of our Passion


IoT gateway for networked e-bike/e-scooter charging station
Power consumption and usage as well as error messages (incl. error codes) at a glance.
Fast time to market with a gateway that is 80% developed before the project starts.
Firmware updates can be rolled out over-the-air throughout the lifecycle of the product.
Location dependent: LAN cable, Wi-Fi, or LTE with 2G fallback.


Speak with our Experts about Your Product

A joint project needs a common starting point. We are flexible and adapt to your starting point. Whether it's an idea, a specific problem, a prototype, optimizing existing products, a technical specification, or a new development, we assist you with your specific challenge to unlock new opportunities for your business. We are your partner for the development of embedded hardware and embedded software. Talk to us about your product. Together, we will find the right solution.

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