Backend Development

Backends form the invisible foundation of your products in the digital world.
With the development of custom backends, we create added value for your connected products
and lay the groundwork for data-driven decisions in your business.


Maximizing Added Value -
enabled by Custom Backend Solutions

Unlocking new business opportunities through data from connected products is at the core of our focus.
The greatest added value of a connected product comes when the emerging IoT data is intelligently utilized to enable automation. This encompasses not only automatic control but also triggering notifications as part of continuous device monitoring. Each device type and use case has unique requirements. Consequently, you require a robust and secure solution for data and command reception, storage, processing and analysis, as well as data and command forwarding.
Our strength in collaborative projects lies in conceptualizing the right approach, even in the face of specific challenges.
If you aim to generate added value through the utilization of data from connected products,
we are your experienced development partner to maximize the benefits through a custom backend.

Customized Backend - Enhancing Your Flexibility and Independence

When it comes to realizing your specific requirements and ensuring your flexibility,
we focus on developing individual system architectures and backends. The use of IoT products often demands short response times or even real-time interactions. Additionally, there are frequently specific requirements for analyzing and leveraging the generated data, necessitating the development and integration of tailored solutions.
To ensure swift and robust implementation, we leverage existing components in the development process. Specifically, we combine our own established solution components with those of renowned hyperscalers.
In summary, a backend developed by us provides you with independence from third-party products and the necessary flexibility to fully realize your specific use case.

Versatile Backend - For Your Data-Driven Future

An individualized backend is pivotal for the intelligent interplay between data processing and user interaction. With our foresight, particularly in architecture selection, we lay the foundation for harnessing your data's potential. The backend assumes key functions such as device management, FOTA updates, and the creation of digital twins for your physical devices. Moreover, it acts as an interface to other systems like apps and ensures secure data transmission. Providing pre-processed data and data management are additional core tasks of the backend. It also enables seamless integration of new features, such as data science analyses based on your IoT data. We understand that it's not just about securely storing data but also making it readily usable to generate added value.
This empowers you to make informed business decisions and stay future-ready.
Selected Backend Services in Detail
  • Backend Consulting, Implementation and Operation

    - Providing support for “Make-or-Buy”-decision for your specific use case
    - Designing the appropriate architecture
    - Developing your customized backends
    - User management with role-based access control (RBAC)
    - Device management and Firmware-Over-the-Air updates (FOTA)
    - Support during development and field tests

  • Data Science

    - Consulting on how data can bring value to your business
    - Exploratory analysis of existing data and new data
    - Prototyping of Data Science solutions
    - Advanced analytics including setting up productive operations

  • Solution stack

    - Kotlin, Spring Boot
    - Docker (ubuntu-lts)
    - Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS/EKS)
    - Terraform (IaC)

  • Data storage

    - RDBMS: PostgressSQL
    - NoSQL
    - Time-Series: TimescaleDB
    - Key-Value: Redis

  • Communication protocols

    - HTTPS
    - MQTTS
    - Server-sent Events vs. WebSockets
    - AMQP

  • Observability stack

    - Grafana
    - Loki
    - Prometheus


Expertise that grows with every project

Microsoft Azure
Eclipse Hawkbit

Why grandcentrix?

Your Benefits in Backend Development with us

Together, we develop tailored backends for your digital product ecosystem. This backend serves as the foundation for extracting value from the data of interconnected products. For us, development is more than solving your technical challenges. It's our passion to create new opportunities for you, enabled by the use of technology.


We want to understand our customers' challenges, goals, and status precisely and think in terms of use cases. This way, we consider the value of data in the architecture selection and minimize development risks.

IoT Engineering made in Germany

We understand the quality demands of the German middle market. With experienced developers, we think holistically and proactively beyond requirements to future-proof your product.


We are your neutral partner, and autonomous in the decision-making regarding the use of components from hyperscalers or cloud platform providers. This enhances the quality for you by utilizing the most suitable technology.


We have experience and tangible components in the development of IoT solutions, ensuring efficient development through existing building blocks (interfaces, cloud-to-cloud, asset/system integration).


We write excellent code and follow a standard 4-eye principle in quality assurance to ensure its excellence. Because our code is an integral part of your product, it must be as precise and robust as your product itself.


We gladly leverage hardened solutions from the open-source community while considering intellectual property (IP) rights and obligations to mitigate risks on your behalf.

Experts in Kotlin & Spring

We are technical experts specializing in Kotlin and Spring. However, our deep knowledge doesn't limit us to any specific domain, industry, or use case; instead, it provides you with assurance in the implementation.

Interdisciplinary Teams

We have expertise across all disciplines and development components. It's not just about expertise; it's about assembling the right and best team to develop the solution with you.
With the development of backends, we assist you in making data-driven decisions based on the generated IoT data from connected products. To fully harness the potential of developing connected, intelligent products for your business, additional IoT building blocks are required. Services that we are pleased to offer you:

Interaction with smart products - anytime and anywhere

Connected products require the ability to interact. We assist you in the development of apps and frontends, bridging the gap between devices and users. With a strong focus on providing a seamless experience between smart products and apps, we give you a competitive edge.

Connecting products - intelligent and efficient

At the core of connected and intelligent products lies the development of embedded software and hardware. As experts in modern wireless technologies, we bridge the physical and digital realms. Whether it's retrofitting or developing new products, we support you in enabling communication with your products.

Success Stories

Success Stories from our Customers -
Reflection of our Passion

Knorr Bremse

Azure based platform for maintenance data analysis of trains.
Using Databricks to run Data Science applications.
Terraform modules for rapid deployment and parameterizable pipelines.
Data Lakehouse for linking data lake and data warehouse structures.
Apache Spark for efficient and parallel processing of big data.


Speak with our Experts about Your Product

A joint project needs a common starting point. We are flexible and adapt to your starting point. Whether it's an idea, a specific problem, a prototype, optimizing existing products, a technical specification, or a new development, we assist you with your specific challenge to unlock new opportunities for your business. We are your partner for backend development. Talk to us about your product. Together, we will find the right solution.

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