App Development

Apps and frontends are the interfaces for users of your IoT products.
With our app development, we shape the user-centered experience of your products
through interaction with your connected devices.


Delighting Users and Customers -
through Custom App and Frontend Solutions.

The users of your connected devices and smart products are at the center of everything.
The best user experience for your products emerges when apps and frontends are tailored precisely to both your use case and the diverse user groups of your products. The impression created by the app or frontend of your connected device significantly influences the overall experience of your product, aids in differentiation from competitors, and provides you with a competitive edge. Our strength lies in developing apps that connect either through cloud backends or directly with your product. We ensure optimal quality by striking a balance between user-centric design and technically flawless solutions. Do you want to elevate your product to a unique experience through interactions with apps and frontends?
We are your experienced development partner, ready to turn your requirements into competitive advantages
for your products through customized app & frontend solutions.

Optimizing Customer Experience through User-Centered Design

In the development of a high-quality IoT-app for a smart product, functionality takes center stage, encompassing both design and a technically robust implementation.
As your development partner for a user-friendly application, we serve as your sparring partner throughout the entire conceptualization and design phase, leveraging our user experience experts. We build the foundation for a great customer experience through our wealth of experience gained from previous IoT projects. Additionally, we rely on professional target audience and user analyses, the creation of personas and usage scenarios through appropriate workshop formats, as well as usability checks. These tools and methodologies ensure that the requirements of diverse user groups within the IoT app, such as end-users, administrators, service technicians, and installers, are addressed in the UX. If needed, we can also develop a white-label app for you, serving as an intermediate product for integrators, which can then be provided to end customers along with the physical product.

Technically Excellent Implementation with Foresight

Crafting sustainable IoT apps that match your specific needs is our expertise.
We are specialized in ensuring longevity and unwavering performance throughout your product's lifecycle with a single app. Our proficiency extends to cross-platform SDK development, streamlining operations for cost-effectiveness and simplified maintenance. Furthermore, our tailored SDKs can be employed for whitelabeling and partner distribution, enhancing your product's reach. Our capabilities span from creating single-device-specific apps to tackling complex projects involving numerous devices across various generations and product lines. Recognizing the critical importance of your product's initial impression, we prioritize flawless user experiences through exceptional technical implementation and top-tier quality, including tried-and-tested hardware setup procedures. Whether you require native applications for iOS and Android, cross-platform solutions such as Flutter, or web applications, we customize our solutions to align seamlessly with your product. We also stay ahead of the curve by considering the implications of emerging technologies like Matter to ensure user-friendly interactions with your products well into the future.
Specific App & Frontend Services in detail
  • Expert Guidance in the Concept Phase

    - Identifying central customer requirements through experts from various domains
    - Developing a unified understanding of the problem to be solved
    - Crafting tailored use cases and aligning them with suitable technical solutions

  • High-Quality Apps and Web Applications

    - Specialists in the development of high-quality apps and web applications
    - Native apps for iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform solutions using Flutter
    - Responsive and high-performance implementation
    - Outstanding expertise in connectivity areas such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Matter, complemented by knowledge and practical experience with key protocols like HomeKit and MFi

  • State-of-the-Art User Interfaces and Designs

    - Intuitive User Experience (UX) in Internet of Things (IoT) projects and products
    - Specialized IoT knowledge within the UX department, ranging from EU regulations regarding hardware setup user-friendliness to adapting UX to the current AI trend with natural language input
    - Ensuring a seamless and user-centered experience in the IoT world

  • Quality Assurance including Report Generation

    - Comprehensive and methodical approach to quality assurance through continuous testing of current development stages to meet the highest standards
    - Extensive in-house testing device pools to ensure compatibility across a wide range of device types and operating systems
    - Regular customer reports on the development status and detailed release reports as a well-founded basis for decisions on the release of new versions

  • Analytics for Customer Behavior and Business Metrics

    - Analytics services for deep insights into customer behavior and business metrics
    - Collecting anonymized user data for precise analysis of user behavior and considering the most relevant features for end-users in product development
    - Real-time user data as an effective tool for troubleshooting and strategic planning
    - Tracking business metrics beyond app-specific information to gain insights into device combinations or purchase preferences of specific user groups


Expertise that grows with every project

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Why grandcentrix?

Your Benefits in App Development with us

Together with you, we develop high-quality apps and frontends for intuitive interaction with your products, both for you and your customers. Our development of individual and user-centric IoT apps will give you a competitive edge by delivering an outstanding user experience for your connected devices. For us, development is more than solving your technical challenges. It's our passion to create new opportunities for you, enabled by the use of technology.


We identify central customer requirements in collaboration with you. Subsequently, we develop use cases and derive the best possible technical solutions from them. This structured approach not only prevents misunderstandings but also significantly reduces project costs.

IoT Engineering made in Germany

We understand the quality expectations of the German middle market. With experienced developers, we think comprehensively and proactively beyond requirements to future-proof your product.

Experts for Native & Cross-Platform-Apps

We are experts in IoT apps on iOS and Android, offering both native development in Swift & Kotlin, as well as cross-platform development with Flutter in Dart. With our technical diversity, we can choose the ideal implementation for you, whether native or cross-platform.

Connectivity Specialists

We ensure an optimal user experience through stable, high-performance connections between apps and hardware, relying on established technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, and current standards like Matter. With our knowledge extending beyond the confines of smartphone manufacturers and native APIs, we develop the right solution for you.


We write excellent code and subject it to a standard quality assurance process through a general 4-eye principle. Because our code is an integral part of your product, it must be as precise and robust as your product itself.


We gladly utilize hardened solutions from the Open Source Community. In doing so, we consider the associated rights and responsibilities related to Intellectual Property (IP) to mitigate risks on your behalf.

Premium IoT-User Experience

We leverage the expertise of our UX team, spanning from user-friendliness during hardware setup to compliance with EU regulations, to ensure an optimal user experience for your product in the IoT context.

Interdisciplinary Teams

We have expertise across all disciplines and development components. It's not just about technical knowledge but also about assembling the right team to work with you in developing the solution.
By developing apps and frontends, we assist you in enhancing the product experience of your customers through interaction with connected devices. To fully harness the potential of developing connected, intelligent products
for your business, additional IoT building blocks are required. Services that we are pleased to offer you:

Harnessing IoT data - scalable and secure

Connected products generate data. We assist you in deriving added value from this data, enabling data-driven decision-making. Thanks to individual backend systems, we provide you with the flexibility to address specific requirements and tackle complex application areas.

Connecting products - intelligent and efficient

At the core of connected and intelligent products lies the development of embedded software and hardware. As experts in modern wireless technologies, we bridge the physical and digital realms. Whether it's retrofitting or developing new products, we support you in enabling communication with your products.

Success Stories

Success Stories from our Customers -
Reflection of our Passion


iOS and Android SDK for control and data visualization of drive units for ebikes.
iOS and Android frameworks for easy use and documentation of interfaces for OEM partners.
Implementation of Bluetooth® communication for read and write access to the drive units.
Drive units can be customized by the users.
Cloud solution with connection to the Brose Service Tool bike management.


Speak with our Experts about Your Product

A joint project needs a common starting point. We are flexible and adapt to your starting point. Whether it's an idea, a specific problem, a prototype, optimizing existing products, a technical specification, or a new development, we assist you with your specific challenge to unlock new opportunities for your business. We are your partner for app & frontend development.Talk to us about your product. Together, we will find the right solution.

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