Smart charging station for future means of transport

With over 100 years of operating experience in the fields of electrical installation and enclosure technology, Spelsberg is a market leader in the industry. The many patents of the family-owned company are a testimony of the high innovative strength.


Remote Control,
Remote Monitoring,
Firmware Updates,
Infactory quality assurance

Our experts helped Spelsberg transform the idea of the connected charging station into a finished product and bring it to market in less than three quarters of a year. The basis of our developments is our IoT gateway.

This enables both control and monitoring of the high-voltage part of the bike charging station via the Internet. The charging stations can be found in the parking lots of supermarkets and restaurants as well as in public places.

Remote control via platform

The frontend not only provides a detailed overview of the charging stations and their locations, but also enables direct control (on/off/maintenance mode) and the definition of operating times. This prevents misuse and makes consumption reportable.

Quality Assurance

Thanks to our support in optimizing the manufacturing process, quality assurance of the connected charging station already takes place during its production in the factory. Both the registration of the device and a self-test of the network adapters (LAN, Wi-Fi, cellular) as well as the basic functions are thus already completed in the factory.

CE Certification

For a smooth introduction to the market, we provided our expertise not only in developing the solution and optimizing the manufacturing process, but also in the subsequent certification of the overall solution. In accordance with the customer's wishes, we provided Spelsberg with advice and support throughout the entire certification process.

Technical Highlights


Status Display

Power consumption and usage as well as error messages (incl. error codes) at a glance.

Time to market

Fast time to market with a gateway that is 80% developed before the project starts.

hawkBit Rollout Management

Firmware updates can be rolled out over-the-air throughout the lifecycle of the product.


Location dependent: LAN cable, Wi-Fi, or LTE with 2G fallback.