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Migros Genossenschaft is the largest Swiss retailer and one of the 40 largest retailers worldwide. Within the group, almost all relevant retail services are offered. With its restaurants migros is on of the largest gastronnomy companies in Switzerland. Besides its grocery stores it has hardware stores, electronics stores, athletics stores and even furniture stores under its roof.

shopping revolutionized.

As a full-stack core development partner, grandcentrix has been implementing the Migros omnichannel retail experience for many years and with enormous success. Every second Swiss has the app developed by grandcentrix on their smartphone and uses it regularly. Over the years, the idea has become a sustainable communication tool and customer loyalty channel for Migros, which contributes massively to its success.

Mobile payment,
Bonus program,
shared shopping lists,
product finder,
all in one app.

grandcentrix is responsible for the technical requirements analysis, system integration, backend and frontend development, as well as conception, implementation and operation of the overall system in the cooperation with an interdisciplinary team that has now lasted for more than six years. The project also thrives on its openness to other partners. Thus, the quality of the implementation lived from the close cooperation with the Hamburg agency deepblue networks, from which the app concept and design originated.

Agility & Request Facade

In software engineeringm, a “facade” is used to hide very complex structures within an easier construction. The grandcentrix facade enables iOS and Android teams to work without permanent dependencies beacause it was placed between the developers and Migros’ heterogeneous systems.


A significant service was the setup of a central content management system, which manages everything that is seen on the mobile devices of the users. Image management, promotions, texts, push notifications, in-app notifications - everything is centrally controlled and managed with the grandcentrix solution. It started as a simple digital shopping catalog and has evolevd into a multifunctual advertisment distribution system with options for more customer loyalty.

Technical Highlights

Paperless Shopping
The digital receipt was introduced and provides Cumulus (similar to Payback) with the data for cashback promotions.
Mobile Payment
Mobile payment in all stores: groceries store, sports store or restaurants and many more.
Shared Lists
A central shopping list that can be shared with members of the customers family.
Offers and Details
Enables users to have regional special offers as well as detailed nutritional tables at hand on their smartphone.

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