Door and gate control with Apple HomeKit

The Hörmann Group is Europe's leading supplier of doors and gates. More than 20 million doors have been produced and delivered worldwide since the company was founded in 1935. In 36 specialized plants in Europe, North America and Asia, more than 6,000 employees develop and produce high-quality doors, frames and operators for use in private and commercial properties.

Door and gate control

More and more customers expect more comfort and security when it comes to smart products for their own homes. This also applies to doors and gates, where new operating concepts are being introduced. Garage doors by Hörmann can now also be controlled via Apple's HomeKit, conveniently from home and on the run. The solution is a result of Hörmanns collaboration with grandcentrix. It is available immediately or can be retrofitted.

applicable standards,
design specifications,
product specifications,
security concept,
mass production

Making the gate control system acessible via smartphone seems logical. However, this seemingly simple idea poses a number of requirements. In order to establish connected consumer products in the highest possible quantities, the requirements must be met.

Project history

We started off with a concept to validate key points such as "functionality", "costs" and "technical feasibility". In a pre-production project, a demonstrator was implemented on this basis. After that an order was placed for the implementation of a globally marketable series product. Grandcentrix provided all relevant development services in accordance with the functional, technical, structural and design requirements.

HomeKit Compatible

The result is the product "Hörmann Wifi inside probes" for existing and new garage door operators, which is already available and deliverable with the product catalog from the beginning of 2020. The product can be used by connecting to the internet via wifi and can be operated via smartphone apps such as Apple HomeKit.

Technical Highlights



Products already on the market can be upgraded via the retrofit option.

End to End

The experts from grandcentrix took over the implementation of all trades: from consulting, hardware and software development.

Serial Production

With WLAN chip - implementation of the Apple Homekit framework on common components for mass products.

IoT Security

We offered consultation and support on licensing and security issues.