The future of facility monitoring
With over 100 years of experience, Francotyp-Postalia makes office life easier. In addition to its core business of franking machines, the company also focuses on digital solutions that add value to customers' everyday work. With NeoMonitor, we enable the monitoring of building technology systems within a web front end.

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NeoMonitor is designed to detect problems with heating or ventilation systems in advance so that failures can be avoided. The complete IoT solution uses sensors to collect the relevant data and displays it in a web front end.

From kickoff to MVP.
In just seven weeks.

Francotyp-Postalia was searching for a partner who could enable the realization of the MVP within a very tight timeframe.

The development of the NeoMonitor web front-end is a prime example of our adaptable development processes and technical blueprints. After only seven weeks of development, we were able to complete the MVP of the NeoMonitor front-end and hand it over to Francotyp-Postalia.

Based on an established tech stack, we can iterate faster and provide results. All while meeting time, budget and our high-quality standards.
Managers are getting an overview of all properties and current alarms. Statistics and metrics from the sensors can be used to analyze consumption and demand to increase efficiency and sustainability.
With the help of service provider workflows, managers can use the web front end to have fault reports automatically forwarded for repair and map the processes from commissioning to invoicing.

Technical Highlights

Status Display
Malfunctions and maintenance notes are displayed and can be forwarded to service providers for rectification.
Vue3 Framework
The frontend is built on the Vue3 framework, which – combined with our blueprints – leads to faster iterations and reduced development time.

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