Eastron expands product portfolio with EasyLink for remote energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring based on smart meters

With the EasyLink product, Eastron Europe provides a solution for efficient energy management based on smart meters. With Modbus Cloud Connect from grandcentrix, Eastron Europe is expanding its portfolio of energy meters to include remote monitoring and remote reading.

About eastron europe

State-of-the-art electronic smart metering solutions

Eastron Europe was formed and established in 2017. In times of rising energy prices and growing environmental problems, it is increasingly important to use energy consciously. Only what is measured and quantified can be improved in a sustainable way.

Eastron designs and manufactures a range of sub-metering solutions and current transformers. Key markets are the solar energy and electric vehicle charging industries.  



Graham Lockhart

Modbus Cloud Connect and the latest network technologies - NB-IoT and LTE-M - have allowed us to break through the cost barrier that we have had to date with other IoT solutions.

Graham Lockhart

Commercial Director – Eastron Europe

Seamless energy monitoring made easy

The challenge was to develop an integrated solution - a true plug-and-play monitoring system - that did not require on-site commissioning, but could be shipped to the site fully configured and ready to use. Modbus is a versatile and proven communication protocol that has been in use for many years in industrial automation as well as other applications.

Eastron wanted to provide the best possible coverage. By selecting the Vodafone Modbus Cloud Connect module as an integral component for its EasyLink product, Eastron was able to provide a future-proof and secure IoT solution for efficient energy management and remote equipment monitoring, ensuring seamless access to critical data.  


Benefits through connected energy meters


Deep building penetration and wide coverage

NB-IoT and LTE-M provide coverage even in hard-to-reach areas, such as basements or behind metal-shielded cabinets. Communications are fully encrypted. With a strong focus on security and privacy, Eastron EasyLink provides an intelligent solution that protects customer information and complies with local data regulations.

Small industry-standard form factor

The small form factor and DIN rail mountability were among the features that impressed Eastron. They also appreciated the external antenna that can be extended out of the cabinet to increase range. In addition, the reliability and robustness of industry-standard Modbus technology combined with the latest Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology was beneficial in creating a solution that could be applied to retrofits, current and future products. 


Better energy monitoring and alerting

The key benefit of EasyLink is its ability to measure energy generation, distribution and consumption in real time. This enables users to gain greater control over energy usage, identify inefficiencies and receive timely alerts of potential problems. In the background, tasks such as proactive maintenance, anomaly detection, and more can be performed. Digitizing the data also opens up smart grid applications and intelligent switching based on data analytics and AI. 

New business models with recurring revenues

By building connectivity into their product, Eastron has brought the service aspect and associated revenue streams back in-house. They can now offer a complete software solution, including a visualization dashboard, and provide ongoing technical support to their customers. In addition to Eastron's internal dashboard use, the end customer can be given access to a simplified portal where they can see all certificates, alarms and error messages, or whatever is relevant to the customer's particular business case. 


Modbus Cloud Connect


The plug-and-work IoT solution for Eastron

Integrating an existing product like Modbus Cloud Connect, developed by grandcentrix and Vodafone, into Eastron's metering product line and turning it into its own branded solution is a smart choice. This approach saves time and significant development costs, and ensures best-in-class performance by providing the latest innovations in NB-IoT and LTE-M technology. 

The use of Modbus Cloud Connect from grandcentrix and Vodafone, with its standard interface, allows easy integration of data visualization and analysis. The middleware included with the grandcentrix Modbus Cloud module allows Eastron to easily onboard and pre-commission their panels and direct data to the desired endpoint. 


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