Vehicle overview, location and cleaning data as well as visualization of KPIs and connection to the Bucher Shop.

Bucher Municipal is one of five divisions of the internationally active Swiss Bucher Industries AG group of companies. The company develops and manufactures sweepers, sewer cleaning vehicles, winter maintenance equipment and refuse collection vehicles. One strategic goal is to provide all-round service for the cleaning vehicles and services - for minimized downtime and operating costs.

Always Connected

"Connected Vehicle" - is an unstoppable trend in the vehicle industry. Bucher Municipal, the commercial vehicle manufacturer that originated in Switzerland and now operates globally, recognized and embraced this trend early on, identifying a wide range of potential for efficiency gains and product innovations for its customers.
Cost reduction
less outages

cost reduction,
less downtime,
dynamic warrenty,
remote maintenance

Telemetry data provides valuable insights into the use and performance of a vehicle or an entire fleet and can be processed into a wide variety of use cases for different users. The condition: a concept that has been thought trough end-to-end and implemented to technical perfection.
1600 vehicles sending positions and telemetry data can add up to a respectable amount of information! For this we use the proven SQL database management system PostgreSQL.

Everything at a glance

A dashboard application that is fed with vehicle data and provides modules for vehicle overview (Fleet), cleaning security (Jobs), visualization of KPIs (Analytics) and a small plugin for the connection to the Bucher eShop (Service). The locally acquired data is transmitted to the central data sink via the vehicle gateways developed by grandcentrix in the project and analyzed there.

Helpful analysis tools

We use the Pandas data science toolkit to calculate KPIs and leverage the powerful MapBox mapping service to provide high-quality location services, as well as billboard.js to create cutting-edge data visualizations.

Technical Highlights


Azure Functions

Intensive use of Azure Functions, Microsoft Azure's serverless event-driven cloud service.


Reliably integrate third-party data sources and continuously query their APIs.

Data Storage

Automated transfer and backup of large amounts of data to our raw data storage.


The backend is written in Python and uses the Django web framework for an agile development process.