Digital service management through connected compressors

ALMiG, a leading manufacturer of compressor systems, increases the productivity of its customers with innovative and customized products and comprehensive services. By connecting and digitizing its machines with Modbus Cloud Connect from grandcentrix, ALMiG is able to leverage existing optimization potential and further reduce the energy consumption of its compressors.

About Almig

ALMiG – 100 years of passion for compression

ALMiG stands for automatic air pumps made in Germany. Founded in 1923 in Köngen, Baden-Württemberg, the company has since developed into a global player.

Originally specializing in air pumps for car tires and related products, the medium-sized company evolved in the post-war period into a leading supplier of high-quality compressed air systems that are used in almost all industries worldwide.


Increasing customers productivity is primary goal

ALMiG’s customers can rely on the fact that the machines offered meet the challenges of time and the environment and are state of the art. Efficiency and sustainability are already among the company’s guiding principles.

In view of the unprecedented changes in the technology industry, ALMiG has recognized that customers need transparent and fast access to all relevant equipment data in order to be able to use and control their investments productively. And that the use of new and constantly evolving technologies – from IoT to the use of AI and machine learning – creates new solutions that help exploit existing optimization opportunities.


It was important to us that we didn’t have to make any changes to our machines: The digital solution had to be able to be integrated into our existing systems. Modbus Cloud Connect clearly proved to be the most suitable solution for our purposes.
Ralf Jeschabek CTO – ALMIG Kompressoren GmbH

From remote monitoring to predictive maintenance

The compact Modbus Cloud Connect module for DIN rail mounting developed by grandcentrix is ideally suited for all ALMiG requirements. The solution is suitable for implementation in new machines as well as for retrofitting.

The benefits are manifold: they range from classic condition monitoring and asset management to the analysis and visualization of machine usage and capacity utilization to predictive maintenance.



Realizing sustainable savings potential

The transparent recording of real-time operating data is essential to ensure and, if necessary, improve the energy efficiency of machines, e.g. by adjusting the rotational speed. Based on this data, ALMiG can perform complex calculations and prognoses: By analyzing and comparing data from identical machines, anomalies can be detected early and corrected via remote access or predictive maintenance before costly downtime or, in the worst case, production stoppages occur.

Efficient service optimization results

In the past, either the customer himself or an ALMiG technician had to check the machine on site. By optimizing the service processes, ALMiG can avoid unnecessary service calls and deploy service technicians in a targeted manner – an important aspect in times of a shortage of skilled workers.


Legal certainty thanks to digital logbook

ALMiG can demonstrate compliance and reduce the risk of litigation due to warranty claims, equipment failure or negligence by collecting and storing data on equipment usage and maintenance. For example, the data collected online is fed into an existing cloud platform called “COMPASS”. The in-house software serves as a digital plant logbook that also manages service cases, maintenance tasks and certificates.

Continuous improvements

The data from the compressors also provides ALMiG with important insights for the further development of its products – an invaluable advantage for continuous improvement and maintaining technological leadership. This promotes customer and brand loyalty in the face of international competition.

In order to lead the 100-year-old company into a successful future, ALMiG is working closely with the data science experts at grandcentrix to create the basis for product and service innovations.


Modbus Cloud Connect

The plug-and-work IoT solution for ALMiG



  • CE-certified gateway
  • Modbus RTU protocol with serial RS-485 interface


  • Installed SIM card
  • Integrated data tariff for NB-IoT & LTE-M in over 25 countries


  • Configuration & management of devices and cloud interfaces


  • Support for commissioning
  • Service desk & ticket system for operations


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