Asset Tracker Construction - What is an ultra-rugged asset tracker?

Sebastian Boll

Sebastian Boll – Product Manager IoT

With the Asset Tracker Construction, grandcentrix is launching a new asset tracker on the market that sets completely new standards in terms of ruggedness. The design and construction give it the title of “ultra robust” without a doubt. But what does “robust” actually mean? How can this quality be measured? And what exactly makes the Asset Tracker Construction so ultra-rugged? This blog article will give you the answers to these questions.

What does “rugged” mean?

In the field of asset trackers, ruggedness refers to the ability to permanently withstand all environmental influences to which an asset tracker is exposed in its environment. In particular, Asset Tracker Construction must prove itself in demanding environments such as construction sites, agriculture, or forestry.

The trackers have to withstand extreme environmental influences, including heavy impacts and stone chips, rain and condensation, dust and mud, high water pressure from high-pressure cleaners, strong vibrations and extreme temperature changes. Truly robust trackers - such as the Asset Tracker Construction - can withstand these influences without the sensitive electronics being affected.

How can ruggedness be measured?

All environmental influences can be simulated on special test benches during development and thus tested in advance. We subject our prototypes to numerous environmental tests in the early stages of development in order to validate their robustness against these environmental influences. Most of these tests are carried out in accordance with an ISO or DIN standard. For some environmental influences, there are even protection classes to which the devices can be assigned.

For protection against dust and water, for example, there is the IP code according to DIN EN 60529. Our Construction Tracker meets protection class IP67 (dust-tight and protection against temporary immersion) and also protection class IP69 (protection against water during high-pressure/steam jet cleaning).

For impact resistance, there is the IK code according to DIN EN 62262, where standardized weights are dropped from defined heights onto three different points on the housing. The test is successful if the asset tracker is still leak-proof and functions as intended. The Asset Tracker Construction has been classified by an accredited test laboratory in one of the highest impact resistance classes IK10. This means that the Asset Tracker Construction can withstand a 5 kg ball falling vertically onto the housing from a height of 40 cm.

In addition, the Asset Tracker Construction was subjected to numerous other standardized tests that simulated, for example, rapid temperature changes between -20 °C and +70 °C, strong broadband vibrations, high mechanical shock and salt spray. The Asset Tracker Construction successfully passed all tests.

What makes the Asset Tracker Construction so exceptionally rugged?

With the Asset Tracker Construction, our engineers rely on an innovative design that is adapted to the problem. Unlike conventional trackers, it does not have a two-part housing. Instead, there is only one housing cover shaped like a trough. The entire electronics and the battery are located in this tub. After a successful function test, the housing trough is filled with a special potting compound. This potting compound completely encapsulates all components and thus ensures optimum protection against all environmental influences.

For the battery, we rely on proven NiMH technology, which is not only significantly more robust than lithium-ion technology, but also has a longer service life. Asset Tracker Construction thus combines innovative design with resistant materials for maximum performance and reliability.


We are confident and proud that with Asset Tracker Construction we have developed one of the most robust asset trackers on the market. This all-rounder impresses in every application and proves to be a reliable partner for all asset tracking requirements. However, its outstanding robustness makes it particularly suitable for use in extreme conditions, whether on demanding construction sites or in the harshest environments in agriculture and forestry. The Asset Tracker Construction sets new standards and proves that robustness and versatility can go hand in hand. Rely on top performance - Asset Tracker Construction, the ultimate companion for every application scenario.