Event-Retrospect - Vodafone Group introduced their IoT Centres of Competency

Paul Haigh

Paul Haigh – VP Sales

At the end of May 2022, Vodafone IoT hosted an IoT Analyst event. These events are used to give the analysts a view of where Vodafone IoT are heading and what is being offered. Normally the focus is Vodafone’s core IoT business and connectivity. In this instance though, Vodafone decided to do “an introduction to the Vodafone IoT Centres of Competency”. These Centres are businesses acquired or part- acquired by Vodafone, who maintain their independent status as companies and are specialists in certain parts of the IoT business.


In the call, I discussed three bespoke projects, one to connect hospital beds for the care bed manufacturer called “Stiegelmeyer”, another concerning a “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” (DALI) LPWA gateway for our customer BEGA, a water metering LPWA gateway for “RWW” to help with leakage detection and finally a few other examples from different market segments. In each case, grandcentrix establishes an end- to- end communication blueprint from the device to an application in the cloud. We use European or Asian manufacturing partners to assemble any hardware we design and we deliver either a boxed or fully integrated and certified product to our customers / their assembly lines.

Our colleagues from IoT.nxt based in South Africa who specialise in smart building and asset monitoring services in a governmental and commercial context, plus “Mezzanine”, also based in South Africa, who provide IoT application services in the Agriculture segment also had the opportunity to present their services. Through Vodafone, these specialists just like us, can address Enterprise markets worldwide.

All in all, I think Vodafone IoT showed that Vodafone is much more than the leading global IoT Connectivity provider but also a multifaceted organisation which can leverage Centres on Competence across a global footprint, spreading best technology and best practice. Please take a rewatch the event here.

and feel free to reach out to us, if you have any questions about our product and service offering.

Kind regards

Paul Haigh