Modbus Cloud Connect – Feature Update

Stefan Dinkelbach

Stefan Dinkelbach – Product Manager Modbus Cloud Connect

Modbus Cloud Connect – Feature Update

Our customers already know that we are continuously improving our product Modbus Cloud Connect. Unlike recent minor updates, the new FOTA release will be the first time a new feature is rolled out to all customers completely free of charge.

Configured Device Register

From now on, our MoCC gateway can not only send the data of other Modbus RTU participants to the cloud, but also receive internal data from the gateway in the customer’s cloud. The gateway thus acts as an additional, “virtual” Modbus participant, which can supply various data.

New opportunities by new feature

  • Optimize network connection and find out locations of devices
    The Virtual Modbus Device feature provides information about the MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code). These codes identify the country and mobile carrier to which the device is connected. End users can use this information to ensure they are using the best connectivity for their geographic location, resulting in optimized connectivity and improved communications.

  • Monitoring the network technology
    The Virtual Modbus Device feature also includes information about the current network technology, whether it is LTE-M or NB-IoT. This information allows end users to understand the technology their device is currently using and ensure they are using the best possible technology for their needs.

  • Real-time monitoring of signal strength
    By providing values such as RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power) and RSRQ (Reference Signal Received Quality), the Virtual Modbus Device feature can inform end users of current signal strength and quality. This allows users to identify locations with better coverage and improve the quality of their connection.

  • Internal status / Info parameters
    Information such as the firmware version of the modem and the device, as well as the operating time of the device in seconds, allows users to monitor the performance and condition of their device. This is particularly useful for detecting problems early and taking maintenance action, it also helps our service team improve response times to incidents reported by customers.

  • Adjustment of the LED brightness
    The Virtual Modbus Device feature offers the possibility to adjust the LED brightness. Here we got direct feedback from the field and integrated it into the new feature. End users can now adjust the LED brightness according to their individual preferences to optimize the user experience.

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Stefan Dinkelbach – Product Manager Modbus Cloud Connect

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