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Smart products combine the potential of real and digital worlds


Smart Groundbreakers

Smart Products enable digital services to be used in the context in which they bring the most value. New interaction possibilities between people and things create new services, functions and values. A smart product reacts to its environment, adapts to it and thus optimizes its own value. To make your industrial-grade products smarter, we deliver everything from a single source. We select the appropriate technologies for you and take care of all aspects of cyber-physical security.




Understand and meet your customers' needs through user research & UX design.


Technologies that are not only for today, but also for tomorrow.

Maintenance Effort

Data Science, Machine Learning and AI enable optimization of maintenance efforts.

Business Models

Bring your products into the age of apps and thus open up new possibilities for your company.

Mission Statement

End to End

The potential for additional benefits generated by connectivity is massive. We have developed washing machines for Miele so that they can reorder consumables independently. We have protected professional tools against theft with a digital lock. The efficiency of Viessmann heat generators can be continuously optimized on the basis of our technologies, even after installation.

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As a specialist for the integration between electronics, hardware and software for smart products, we realize Leica PHOTOS.
Leica Camera SDK
Unified Interface
Feature Additions

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