Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent building technology for the cities of the future


Buildings of the future

Increased energy efficiency and reduced operating costs - fully integrated systems are not only more environmentally friendly buildings, but also stand for comfort and safety. Our products are becoming smarter all the time, and so smart building systems are also already an integral part of the planning of buildings in the private as well as the industrial and commercial sectors.



Device Control

Control lighting, heating or ventilation systems with a single system.


Potential hazards are detected at an early stage and a warning is sent, e.g. via app.


Define and program sequences or routines to lower your costs.

Maintenance effort

Reduce maintenance efforts by evaluating usage data.

Mission Statement

End to End

We offer solutions that are end-to-end in their conception and implementation. In addition to our comprehensive expertise in every discipline of connecting products, this also means thinking your products one step ahead from now and preparing them for the future. Therefore, we have always successfully relied on the most advanced standards.

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Success Story


Digital hypermedia interface for the exchange of heating data in the current and older generations of products.
Strong Foundation
Extendable Ecosystem
Platform Architecture

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