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User-centric experiences for your product


Holistic development

As your development partner, we support you throughout the entire conception and design phase not only with our user experience experts and their many years of IoT experience, but also with the technical and strategic know-how of our interdisciplinary teams. If desired, our consultants are already available as sparring partners in the ideation phase.

What sets us apart

From start to finish

We highlight the entire process, from unboxing to setup and use.


Through numerous successful projects in the IoT environment, we have extensive technical expertise.


All of our concepts and solution proposals are continuously technically validated.


The entire user experience is developed to follow a consistent structure.

Our process



In our workshops, we highlight topics such as problem statements, ideation or business models in order to take a holistic view of your specific use case.

Target Group Analysis

Whether installer, technician or anybody else: no matter how similar the target groups may seem, nevertheless they have different demands for a product. Not every installer has internet access available for on-site installation, and not every homeowner can intuitively set up and operate their smart product from scratch.

Prototyping and Usability Check

We provide you with best cases and recommended processes on the basis of our IoT specific blueprints for recurring processes like setting up an IoT device. Usability and user testing as well as the creation of mock-ups and prototypes are part of our iterative testing process and an essential part of the overall development process.

Creation and Visual Design

Highly complex apps that are close to the hardware of your product - this is our quality standard in addition to a comprehensive security concept. Learn more about app development with us.

Success Stories

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App Development

We are specialized in apps with a high level of complexity, that most likely are business-critical or hardware near and therefore must meet comprehensive safety requirements. This is our way of distinguishing ourselves from other players on the market who are often rooted in marketing or e-commerce.

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