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Our Blueprint

The Gateway Blueprint is a technical core developed by us for any type of gateway or product. The Blueprint has already proven itself in a large number of projects and is suitable for all IoT cases (e.g. remote control, monitoring, maintenance and updating). In addition to the development, we also take care of the production and operation of the gateway solution in-house. The result: minimal risk and maximum speed for you as our customers.


Customized to your needs

Project-specific interfaces and functionalities can be quickly prototyped with a customized development platform. The decisive factor, however, is that once the project-specific aspects have been finalized, all components can be combined into a single chip-down design with very little risk and expense. The solution can be flexibly adapted and/or extended to meet your requirements. Using existing components means far less effort in development and bug-fixing.

Your advantages


Time to Market

Building a working pre-series type is realistic in a time frame of a few months.

Mass Productions

We reduce unit costs for you by only installing components that are relevant to you.


We take over the complex development steps while you always remain in full control.

License Model

Flexibility not only in development, but also in the course of licensing - to fit your business model.

Frequent Questions

  • When should you think about a customized gateway?

    Our gateway solution covers a broad product field and is not bound to specific categories: Whether for serial productions with a high or a low number of pieces, our solution can be used flexibly.

    Especially for the B2C sector, such a solution is ideal due to the high production volumes, whereas smaller series are sufficient for very high-value or more complex products (special road vehicles, machines, etc.) - basically, the number of units is based on the total value of the end product.

  • How does the gateway solution differ from Narrowband+?

    While we deliberately avoid a gateway in our Narrowband+ solution, there are some use cases where the use of a gateway adds value and makes sense.

    The gateway solution is a flexible solution and comes with different options and features: By using Linux, the programming language can be chosen as desired, use of Lora, Zigbee, LTE etc. as radio protocol, IO-Link as interface to the hardware, communication via LAN, WIFI: OCPP, real-time, constantly and short latency must run via the gateway, flexible data rates, not only via mobile radio, more computing power.

  • Why not go 100% individual?

    100% tailor-made solutions are not suitable for every use case: Because these are often costly and resource-intensive. By using our blueprint in the development of your gateway solution, you take full advantage of grandcentrix' years of experience. Having in-depth knowledge of the components used and having already tested different compositions of the components makes development loops faster and thereby reduces risk.

    With the 100% customized solutions, on the other hand, the price per gateway is so high that serial production is not profitable.

  • Why not Off-the-shelf?

    Gateways "off-the-shelf" are very limited and do not offer any customizability. After all, every product is different and must also work in series production. Our solution combines standard modules with components relevant to you and is consequently both cost-efficient and time-saving in development.

    Cost optimization per device is a prerequisite for series production. The latter further enables a fast time-to-market (e.g. within one year).

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