HomeKit and MFi Integration

We bring your devices into the Apple HomeKit and MFi universe


HomeKit and MFi for already available and newly designed devices

For manufacturers with a long tradition it is often difficult to assess what the integration of HomeKit and MFi actually means. grandcentrix delivers complete HomeKit and MFi Accessories for you as an Apple MFi Partner.

On your behalf, we take care of all aspects: From electronics and firmware development, to certification in cooperation with Apple Inc., to sourcing an MFi licensed partner for mass production.

Success Stories

GARDENA Smart Home

Integration of Apple HomeKit into the existing product range using our HomeKit Licensee Platform.
Retrofit for already existing products
Integrated by our HomeKit Licensee Platform
Expansion of the gateway firmware
Accompaniment of the quality assurance and certification


Door and gate control through the integration of the products into the Apple HomeKit ecosystem.
Expansion of the existing product
End to End: Consulting, hard- and software development
Establishment and ongoing support of series production
Consulting and accompaniment of certification and security

Our Services

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Answers to all questions such as: How do existing products become HomeKit-capable, how to deal with Android users, influence on Bill of Materials or is it compatible with Apple's requirements.


Support in the selection of the right components and integration into the device-side hardware. No matter if standardized interfaces like I2C, SPI, USB, or proprietary protocols.
Firmware Development

Firmware Development

Take on the development of full HomeKit functionality for your device's microcontroller platform, HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) based on the Application Development Kit (ADK) and customize the network stack according to Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC).


We are HomeKit and MFi Partner and accompany you during the entire communication and perform the pre-certification and coordination with Apple on your behalf. On request, we support you in the selection of an MFi-certified manufacturer for series production.

HomeKit without Chip?

We also offer software-based authentication for HomeKit Accessories: The HomeKit Licensee Platform. Since the release of iOS 11.3 in April 2018, devices no longer require the proprietary MFi chip. Our software makes it possible for the first time to retrofit devices that are already on the market with HomeKit capability by updating the firmware.

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