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With more than 100 million connections, we are a global market leader in IoT. Gartner has named us one of the market leaders in the field of mobile Internet of Things for the 8th time in a row1). You too can benefit from our experience.

Why Cellular?

Connecting more easily

Intransparent offers, complex integrations into your network, cumbersome setup procedures ... Perhaps you have already encountered a number of these problems while planning to connect your products to the Internet of Things.

With Celullar IoT, these problems belong to the past.
Connect your product more seamlessly than ever before: via mobile connectivity. Together with our parent company Vodafone, we have created attractive offers that connect your product to the Internet of Things in an uncomplicated and flexible way.


Cellular Connectivity

Utilize the advantages of LPWA

One of the biggest advantages of cellular connectivity is the use of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology, which is intended for low-power devices. Two of the most prominent solutions are the globally licensed technologies LTE for Machines (LTE-M) and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT).

With LPWA, you can maximize coverage up to 164 dB with low power consumption. This means your products can be in use for up to 15 years. At the same time, they achieve the desired connectivity even in the most remote locations with poor cellular reception. With NB-IoT - which can penetrate up to three brick walls - you can thus connect devices located in traditionally poorly accessible locations, such as underground garages or rural areas.

A common prejudice against mobile-based solutions is the variety of tariffs and running costs that are difficult to predict. To help you overcome this hurdle, we have created the exclusive Narrowband+ offer in cooperation with our parent company Vodafone to minimize commercial risks.


Our Ingredients


IoT Platform Adapter

Our IoT Platform Adapters (IPA) pass your data to an upstream provided by you.

Cellular Hub

Our PaaS solution translates the protocols and routes the data between your devices and the specific IPA upstreams.

Cellular Connectivity

Our connectivity offering gives you secure access to the mobile connectivity network of our parent company Vodafone using an MFF2 IoT SIM card.

Cellular Edge

Our Connectivity Module and the associated SDK enable smooth operation between the device and the Cellular Hub.

Cellular Edge

Start Now

Start now: with our Cellular Edge component, consisting of our Nordic nRF9160 Connectivity Board, the corresponding firmware and Hub SDK.

With our hardware solution, you can communicate directly and smoothly with the Cellular Hub via NB-IoT thanks to a soldered SIM card. All telemetry data and also your user data are sent encoded in Lightweight M2M. The firmware of our connectivity board can be updated contactless via the cellular network ex works.

Furthermore, the Connectivity Board can be extended flexibly with a selection of different daughterboards.


Connectivity Board

Universal, ready-to-use board that fits a wide range of products and can be flexibly adapted to your technical needs with various plug-in boards
Connecting devices via NB-IoT and LTE-M with the Nordic nRF9160
Global Vodafone MFF2-SIM-Card included
Expandable with daughterboards

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