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As experts in professional and native app development, our mission is to develop apps that meet the needs of our clients as well as their customers. For millions of users we use native developments that work across devices.
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With our end-to-end expertise, we help you design a fully comprehensive concept for your product. Starting with the first user stories to high-quality prototypes, we bring our expertise to your project.

Native Development

We primarily focus on native app development for the iOS and Android platform. This allows us to implement excellent solutions based on the guidelines of Apple and Google and enable smooth communication via protocols such as Bluetooth for device integrations.

Quality Assurance

Fully automated testing via unit or integration testing is part of our everyday development work. However, more complex scenarios require more attention and are tested by our dedicated QA engineers. This is how we ensure a smooth release.


We operate and maintain your apps in various models with up to 24/7 availability guarantee. Alternatively, we are happy to support you with the insourcing of your solution after project completion.

Successfully implemented


As a specialist for the integration between electronics, hardware and software for smart products, we implement Leica PHOTOS
Continuous delivery with new features
Cross-platform SDK for cameras for expense reduction and increased development speed
Backward compatibility across multiple generations of cameras
BLE and Wifi interface to establish connectivity


The most popular Swiss shopping companion from the App Store.
4.6 stars on the App Store with over 175k reviews
Mobile Payment & paperless shopping
Full-stack core development partner
Central content management system development


Device control and system integration for home appliances.
Flexible user interface that combines platform and brand identity
Status updates and control of household appliances
System integration to SAP
In-house developer and support team for operations


Electronics, software and platform development for the connected cube and matching figures.
Tonie Cloud: design, development and operation
App close to hardware through end-to-end electronics development
Set up and support of mass production
Connecting the app to parent portal

Our Strengths

Device connectivity
from a single source

As experts in product networking, we also enable your product to be controlled and exchange data via Bluetooth® or other communication protocols.

With our extensive repertoire of solution modules, we will find a holistic soft- and hardware-solution.

Platform Integration

We look at your overall system architecture and integrate app front-ends into existing or new backend systems.

We are also your right partner when it comes to linking with various smart home platforms or voice assistants. In 2020, together with HÖRMANN, we have connected garage doors to Apple HomeKit.

Backend Development and Integration

Very few apps are able to work properly without backends with which they communicate. Apps often take over the function of the primary frontend of an application and must be integrated into both existing and new back ends.

Therefore, a holistic view of the system architecture is mandatory. As an all-embracing service provider, classical integration tasks are also a plannable challenge for us.

Modern development
at enterprise level

We develop based on a proven agile process model that is highly iterative and thrives on your constant feedback.

Components that have been written in Kotlin Native can be deployed to iOS and Android thanks to our modular development architecture. This allows us to reduce effort while taking the distinct user experience on each operating system into account. We also have a lot of experience with other cross-platform frameworks and will find the right approach for your project.

Customer voice

For the camera app with the best user experience in the market, we needed a partner to support us in this vision for the long term. grandcentrix has successfully provided an agile product team for over a hundred sprints, which monitors, improves and creates innovative user experiences in an extremely customer-oriented manner.
Nico Köhler Product Management – Leica FOTOS



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