Digital platform for market-leading climate solutions
When it comes to energy, Viessmann is everywhere. But the internationally positioned company has never rested on its past successes. Smart homes, digital services and the Internet of Things for the energy transition are paving the way for the future. The experts at grandcentrix are helping to build the platform for comprehensive digitization.

Basis for the turnaround

The path to the digital has a system at Viessmann - the declared goal is to transform the heating manufacturer into a solution provider for the entire living space - inside and outside the building. The concept is based on products and systems such as condensing boilers, heat pumps, gas heating systems, and combined heat and power units that are equipped with innovative electronics so that they can be connected with each other and with solutions from others.

multiple transport- &
application protocols,
device abstraction,
load- and scaling tests,
frontend development

The Viessmann digital platform is characterized above all by extreme openness for the intergration of external systems. For this purpose, grandcentrix equipped the platform with a variety of transport and application protocols and embedded a wide range of data models.

Hypermedia Interface

The easy-to-use interface allows Viessmann's digital ecosystem to be expanded. The hypermedia interface not only provides the required data, but also allows third parties to exchange information about the potential of the systems connected to the Viessmann digital ecosystem.

Future Orientated

Viessmann is thus already setting the course for intelligent energy use concepts such as sector coupling. This involves connecting users and producers of all types of energy in such a smar" way that both short-term day-night and long-term summer-winter fluctuations are balanced out in an energy-optimized way, because consumption and storage complement each other intelligently. „We take care of the planet with customer centric energy solutions“ is the appropriate commitment.

Technical Highlights

The digital connection was also made possible for older (in-house) products up to the year of manufacture 2004.
Stable Foundation
Our development forms a stable foundation for current and future services as an energy specialist.
Extensible Ecosystem
Multifunctional digital bridges built to other product worlds and industries.
Platform Architecture
Viessmann's digital platform: „Everest“ - one of the most extensive IoT productions that we accompany long term.

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