IoT fuel for toy startup

The Toniebox is a colorful cube and the easiest way to listen to audio plays and music - automatic and uncomplicated. One of the successes of the boxes with matching figures lies in their ease of use. tonies® was launched in 2016 by Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl. Since then, the Toniebox has replaced CD players or tape recorders in numerous children's rooms.

New way to consume audio content

Simply place the Tonie figure on the cube - and the cube downloads the matching audio play, read-aloud story or songs from the Tonie Cloud. What makes the box a story magic cube for children, however, is anything but simple - grandcentrix built the igniting fuel for the IoT start-up rocket as the central technology partner.
Audio memory
Battery life

easy to use,
robust design,
endless audio fun,
parental controls,
security concept,
remote maintenance

The wifi cubes required technically perfected equipment. Because even if they look simple on the outside, they have to be particularly well organized on the inside. Boxine asked us to be their partner for the technical realization of this idea.

Durable and suitable for children

The colorful dice have no display, they rely entirely on audio, are child-friendly to operate and thus the best substitute for prevented readers. The crumpled, colorful cube can handle wild children's games and the figures can also be used to play without using the cube at all.

Technology Consulting

Behind the Tonies, the Toniebox, the Toniecloud platform, the Tonies app for Android and iOS and the parent portal meine.tonies.de is one of grandcentrix's most extensive software and electronics productions.

Security Concept

With a connected children's toy, the security of the product has an even higher priority than it has anyway. Our IoT security experts have created and implemented a sophisticated security concept for this.

A story of success

The idea quickly spread to children's rooms, and three years after its market launch, hundreds of thousands of Tonieboxes with even more characters are already in use.

Accompaniment of series production

To get the product ready for series production, we acted as the Hardware Certificate Authority for manufacturing in China. In addition, we accompanied the production of the box for several weeks directly on site.

Technical Highlights


Parental controls

Development and operation of the parents' portal meine.tonies.de.

Embedded Development

Consulting, support and realization of hardware, software and firmware.

Tonies App

Development, technology and operating concept for the Tonies app (Android and iOS).

Tonie Cloud

Design, development and operation of the Tonie Cloud.