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Based in Ulm, Germany, GARDENA is the preferred garden brand for millions of home and garden owners worldwide. GARDENA achieves this by offering a complete range of all the products needed, whether for irrigation, lawn care, tree and shrub care or soil cultivation.

Smart Garden becomes HomeKit capable

Virtually "overnight", Gardena has given all fans of the popular Smart Garden products an extension that Apple friends should be very happy about: The connected irrigation solution now also supports Apple HomeKit.
Additional costs

new devices or retrofit,
turnkey solution,
high availability,
software authentification

From the very beginning, the digital strategists at Gardena knew that they didn't want to reserve the great new features for new customers only, but wanted to pay special attention to the "fans from the very beginning".

HomeKit Overnight

What's special about the solution - HomeKit capability came as a free software upgrade even for products that have already been on the market for three years.

Since the release of iOS 11.3 in April 2018, devices no longer require the proprietary MFi chip. Our development makes it possible for the first time to retrofit devices that are already on the market with HomeKit capability by updating the firmware.

Well received by customers

Within the first seven days, numerous Gardena smart system devices have already become part of the HomeKit ecosystem, which clearly shows how enthusiastically the innovation has been received by customers.

Technical Highlights

Software-based authentication means that products that have already been sold can also be retrofitted.
Multi-tenant for millions of HomeKit devices.
Gateway Firmware
Extension with the HomeKit specific functions and connection of the existing features.
Quality Assurance
We accompanied the test and certification of the HomeKit retrofit through the entire project timespan.

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