Instant connectivity from 1 cent a day

How do you connect your product?

WiFi was,
Cellular is.

With our Narrowband+ offering, you can connect your product easier than ever: via cellular. Forget about gateways, complicated setup procedures or complex integrations into your network.

Narrowband+ offers instant connectivity from one cent a day.

Your benefits


Deep Coverage

Up to 20dB indoors and outdoors and therefore reception in remote locations, such as basements or underground garages.


Long battery and life (up to ten years!) due to reduced data consumption and more efficient transfer rates.


Reduce expenses and gain efficiency with affordable implementation thanks to low costs per component.

Secure and reliable

Data is transmitted and exchanged using end-to-end encryption, which guarantees the maximum possible security.



Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to understand your products, how they are behaving, how they are being used, and what problems they are experiencing. Devices send telemetry data over Narrowband+, which is then transferred directly into your existing IT solutions for further processing.

Remote Configuration

Save money by flexibly adjusting product parameters and settings remotely without having to send out a technician. Receive all necessary product parameters and options directly in your existing IT solutions.

Over-the-Air Updates

Wirelessly upload functionalities, bug fixes or security updates directly to your products in the application field via the over-the-air technology.


Operated and secured by grandcentrix specialists, Narrowband+ gives you the ability to support millions of devices and scale flexibly. This is made possible, among other things, by operation via Azure and integration into the global Vodafone Connectivity Platform.



Transfers your data from the device to the cloud

Our Cellular Hub provides you with Platform Adapters that allow you to transfer and integrate data from your device to Azure IoT or MQTT brokers - simple and convenient. In addition, you benefit from further functions that create a successful basis for your use case:
Billing Integration

Billing Integration

Support and integration for both time-based and event-based billing methods.
Message Broker

Message Broker

Device2Cloud communication, data and protocol translation, LwM2M server.
Integration of network providers

Integration of network providers

Secure Network (IPSec), SIM ID synchronization, SIM status control.
Device Management

Device Management

Digital identity provisioning, meta-data storage, Firmware-over-the-air.

Simple Integration


Azure IoT Hub

Integrating directly with Azure IoT, you can receive, view, and manage your data more seamlessly than ever.


Narrowband+ translates the data between your device and the IoT Hub.


Within the IoT Hub, you can provision devices easily.

Reported Properties

The data of your devices are published as "Reported Properties".

Desired Propoerties

Change the "Desired Properties" to modify device settings.

MQTT Broker

Send your data directly to an MQTT broker, which is translated into the desired final format using templates (e.g. JSON, XML, CSV or without a specific format).


Publish directly to your MQTT broker and translate to your desired format.

Easy Setup

Ready-made placeholders are replaced by your real device data.

What we need

MQTT Hostname, login and the desired messaging format (JSON, XML, CSV, freestyle).



30 countries, roaming included

As a Vodafone company we offer an attractive mobile offering, including international and national roaming. Immediate availability in a wide range of countries and continents, including DACH, most of Europe as well as Australia, Russia, South Africa, the USA and China (on request).

From 1 cent per day and per activated device

With Narrowband-IoT mobile technology, you can achieve excellent coverage with extremely low energy requirements. All this is possible with our Narrowband+ solution for just one cent per day per activated device.

Even more good reasons

Onboarding has never been so easy

Your users simply turn on the device and it sends data directly to the cloud. No inconvenient onboarding processes or installation costs. The global SIM card works in 30 countries and does not need to be activated manually.

Integration into manufacturing processes

The eSIM-chip (MFF2) cards allow you to keep your existing production processes and transmit directly to your EMS. Connectivity for end-of-line and network testing is also included. Optionally, you can even store individual serial numbers using Narrowband+ to identify devices throughout their lifecycle.

Rollout and logistics support

Master challenging rollout scenarios in no time thanks to the comprehensive documentation of all interfaces (REST API, CSV, the direct connection and easy integration into your established processes.

Secure and digital identity

For maximum transparency, identify exactly which product is sending data to prevent spoofed devices and identities. Prevent attack scenarios such as man-in-the-middle. Client certificates guarantee unique, secure identities that remain protected.

Encrypted traffic

Your data is protected from spying thanks to the encryption of the entire communication stack. Standard LTE encryption and TLS are essential for this. In addition, there is the option to use DTLS.

You need hardware?


Ultimate flexibility

No matter if you bring your own existing hardware, aim for an individual hardware development with our grandcentrix experts or want to use our connectivity board, which is especially designed for as many application scenarios as possible: We help you in all phases of the process and the smooth integration in the Internet of Things.

Connectivity Board

Universal, ready-to-use PCB that fits a wide range of products and can be flexibly adapted to your needs with different daughterboards.
NB-IoT and LTE-M through Nordic nRF9160
Global Vodafone eSIM-chip included
Expandable with daughterboards


  • Is international roaming included in the price?

    Yes. Roaming is possible in the available countries under the mentioned price, if the geographical distribution key is respected. It is possible - at no additional cost - to use up to 15% of the devices in the rest of the European Union and/or up to 5% of the devices in the rest of the world.

  • Is national roaming included in the price?

    Yes. More than one network can be used in the following countries to provide higher coverage: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland.

  • Which countries have restrictions?

    China: Local SIM required (no international roaming via global SIM), encryption must be viewable by the government, cloud systems may only be hosted locally and only certain frequency bands may be used.

    Russia: permanent roaming is allowed, but there are severe restrictions on its use. No open Internet service may be offered and personal and location-based data may not be hosted outside of Russia.

    In general, for usage outside the EU, the price is based on an assumed distribution of total usage across certain countries. If your needs differ significantly from this profile, we will make an individual agreement.

  • Is the SIM card included in the price?

    If you purchase the hardware from us (the connectivity board or an individual solution for your requirements), the SIM card is included. Otherwise it will be charged separately.

  • How many MB are included?

    6MB per month. Hypothetically this allows a device to transfer one sensor value per minute (with enabled encryption) as well as one firmware update per month.. In practice, transfers in 5-minute cycles have proven successful. There is more than enough data volume available for this.

    (Assumptions made: LwM2M, DTLS, 30 sessions / month, payload size 50 B, firmware size 250 KB, total traffic / month = 4,3 MB)

In summary


Autonomously connected products: Globally available thanks to Vodafone partnership and without costly infrastructure.
Connects your product
Easy integration in your Azure IoT or MQTT Cloud
Replaces complex gateway structures
From as little as one cent per day, per activated device

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