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The "all-in-one, worry free" product from one of the world's IoT market leaders.
for direct connection of Modbus RTU devices via LPWA (NB-IoT & LTE-M) to the cloud.


Easy Installation & Commissioning

Plug & work of the product through compact form factor, easy onboarding via QR code, pre-configured cloud adapters, self-service portal and personal support

Easy IoT upgrade of existing devices

Retrofit option for existing Modbus RTU devices in the field and likewise equip new devices with inventory electronics regardless of lengthy product development cycles.

Easy, self-sufficient data communication

Utilising the secure and regulated IoT mobile technology of the future (Narrowband IoT & LTE-M) to communicate data globally, self-sufficiently from third party infrastructure.

Easy and secured operation

Configuration of Modbus RTU devices possible 24/7 and from anywhere through self-service portal via bidirectional connection (read/write Modbus registers)

Product Components

The CE-certified and in-house developed gateway with Modbus RTU master is suitable for DIN rail mounting and can be connected through a serial RS-485 2-wire interface. The integrated mobile radio modem (Nordic nRF9160) and the enclosed antennas take care of receiving and sending data via mobile radio.
The product includes a factory-installed and tested Vodafone Global MFF2 SIM card (eSIM) to enable data transmission via Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M already in over 25 countries. The necessary data plan for connectivity tariffs is also included to directly take advantage of LPWA (low-power-wide-area) network technologies.
Data Service
To facilitate device management, a self-service portal (backend & frontend) is included. In addition to the configuration of Modbus RTU devices as well as bus systems, this also includes an online live monitor as well as flexible data connection through provided cloud adapters (MQTT, HTTP).
Initial support for commissioning (device onboarding) with a personal contact person makes it easier to get started. In addition to the self-service portal as a low-code application, continuous support with a service desk and ticket system is also available for the operation of the solution.

Overview of info

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Reference Customer

The manufacturer ALMiG uses
Modbus Cloud Connect for the IoT connection of its air compressors. The connection of the compressors enables extensive applications of status monitoring and asset management as well as the visualization of machine use and utilization. Ultimately, Modbus Cloud Connect enables new, digital service management and increases customer satisfaction.

Use & Application Areas


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of products, systems and machines for querying material and switching statuses, meter data, process values, etc. including alarm management (alerting function). Permanent and decentralized access to existing sensors to reduce operational efforts and optimize service & maintenance.


Remote Control

Permanent and/or ad hoc access to existing actuators and devices for remote intervention.

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