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The "all-in-one" product from one of the IoT world market leaders for direct connection of Modbus devices via Narrowband IoT & LTE-M to your cloud.



Easy usage

Modbus Cloud Connect is easy to use and ready for plug-and-work deployment. This 'all-in-one product' includes hardware, connectivity, a self-service portal, and support. Even users without extensive IoT knowledge can effectively harness the benefits of device networking.
Connecting devices has never been easier

Versatile application

Modbus Cloud Connect is versatile and applicable across various industries and types of devices. The product is compatible for retrofitting existing devices as well as connecting new ones. It enables more efficient processes and new business models through intelligent products.
Connecting devices has never been more versatile.

Flexible integration

Modbus Cloud Connect can be flexibly integrated on both the device side and the cloud/IT infrastructure side through established standard interfaces and existing adapters. It enables wireless, bidirectional data communication using IoT cellular technologies such as NB-IoT and LTE-M.
Connecting devices has never been more flexible.

Product Modules



The CE-certified and in-house developed gateway with Modbus RTU master is suitable for DIN rail mounting and can be connected through a serial RS-485 2-wire interface. The integrated mobile radio modem (Nordic nRF9160) and the enclosed antennas take care of receiving and sending data via mobile radio.


The product includes a factory-installed and tested Vodafone Global SIM card (chip) to enable data transmission via Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M already in over 25 countries. The necessary data plan for connectivity tariffs is also included to directly take advantage of LPWA (low-power-wide-area) network technologies.

Self Service Portal

To facilitate device management, a self-service portal (backend & frontend) is included. This includes configuration of Modbus RTU devices as well as bus systems, an online live monitor and flexible data connection through provided cloud adapters (MQTT, HTTP).


Initial support for commissioning (device onboarding) with a personal contact person makes it easier to get started. In addition to the self-service portal as a low-code application, permanent support with a service desk and ticket system is also available for operating the solution.


The manufacturer ALMiG uses Modbus Cloud Connect for the IoT connection of its air compressors. The connectivity of the compressors enables extensive applications of status monitoring and asset management as well as the visualization of machine usage and utilization. Ultimately, Modbus Cloud Connect enables new, digital service management and increases customer satisfaction.

Application Areas

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Remote Monitoring of Machine Data

You want to monitor the status of your machines remotely? Modbus Cloud Connect allows you to read out machine data via a Modbus interface. By using Narrowband IoT and LTE-M (IoT mobile technologies) as the transmission standard, the data is transferred to the cloud independently of the local IT infrastructure. Modbus Cloud Connect Package includes all components necessary for this. From the hardware to the cloud adapter (MQTT, HTTP). Among others, we have already successfully implemented this with the company ALMIG.


Connecting electricity meters

Looking for a fast way to monitor energy consumption of individual devices or entire units? The Modbus Cloud Connect gateway is installed on a DIN rail. The electricity meter is connected via an RS485 interface. This allows the system to be put into operation and the data to be viewed directly online. A further transfer of the data into your cloud system is done via the offered cloud adapters (MQTT, HTTP) if required. We have also installed the module in our office. Read here how exactly we proceeded.


Plug & Play alternative to LoRa

Are you looking for a way to read meter data remotely? You have already heard about LoRa, but you do not have the necessary LoRa network infrastructure? Modbus Cloud Connect communicates via narrowband IoT and LTE-M, which was specially developed for the transmission of machine data. This eliminates the need for you to incur expenses by setting up and operating your own network infrastructure. For more information on Narrowband-IoT & LTE-M, you can look at our blog.


Sensor data directly in the cloud

Sensor data is of great importance in your business processes? But digital acquisition and processing of this data is not yet possible? Our product enables direct access to different sensors via a Modbus RTU interface. The included self-service portal allows for easy configuration. Contact us and test it yourself.


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