Connect Modbus devices instantly via NB-IoT

With our full service offering, we provide hardware, connectivity and service to make connecting your product available and affordable.

The complete Package

There's more to it
than just a modem.

Offering you a way to communicate with your device is one thing, getting the information towards a service of your choice the other. With our decade long experience we've combined all of our learnings and best practices into one. Modbus Cloud Connect includes:



Our hardware module that fits on a DIN rail connects to your Modbus device via RS485 and can send as well as receive data. It comes with a pre-activated MFF2 SIM card.



The SIM card enables you to use the Narrowband-IoT cellular network from Vodafone. No need for gateways. Turn the device on and it is connected to the internet.



With our service we offer you the integration your own MQTT cloud or our own data visualization.

Use Case: Kompressoren


Thanks to Modbus Cloud Connect, the globally recognized manufacturer of compressors was able to connect his existing machines via Narrowband-IoT. Reading data from the machine as well as sending commands such as for releasing the air pressure was possible within a few minutes. The data from the machine could easily be integrated into the already existing visualization tools used by ALMiG, thanks to our API.

ALMiG is able to provide it's customers added value and benefits to existing machines. Our Plug & Play solution turns our customer’slegacy industrial machines into smart machines. Because ALMiG customers want their machines to be smart and connected today. They do not want to wait. For a small fee, not for a big investment. Our Modbus Cloud Connect helps establishing this efficient, sustainable and affordable offering.



Plug and Play

Connect your Modbus device to the internet within minutes. Our easy installation, setup and provisioning process makes it easier than ever before.


Our complete package comes at an affordable price. We want to make IoT accessible and affordable to you and your customers.

Deep Penetration

Narrowband-IoT makes connectivity via the cellular network even in challenging areas such as below the ground or on farmlands possible.

Instant Connectivity: Narrowband+


Your product - globally connected. Vodafone's global expertise and the simplicity of our offering make it possible.
Connects your product globally
Easy integration, e.g. to your MQTT server
Substitutes costly gateway structures
Starting at one cent per day & device

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