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Platform over Chip

With the software authentification launched in 2017, Apple has cleared the way for HomeKit devices without Apple Authent chips. As the developer of the HomeKit Licensee Platform, we provide the interface between your devices and Apple's Token Provisioning Service. You sign a service agreement with grandcentrix and we take care of the coordination with Apple.

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Once a device connects to the Internet, your product can instantly connect to your customers' HomeKit environment.


The software-based authentication also retroactively enables devices that are already on the market to be HomeKit-compatible.

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Around-the-clock worry-free operation by our Developer Operations Team.


A platform as a service, which is charged according to usage.

Customer Voice

Adding such an extensive feature to a product that is already positioned on the market can only be done with the highest quality standards.
Dr. Alexander Becker Director Global Product Management Smart Systems – GARDENA Husqvarna Group

Frequent Questions

  • What does Software Authentification mean?

    With the software authentication you can certify smart home devices for the Apple HomeKit application even without an authentication chip. This allows you, for example, to retrofit already sold devices with HomeKit via an update.

  • Which services are offered by grandcentrix?

    If desired, we can support you right from the initial coordination with Apple. Our extensive experience with the complex certification process helps you to consider all pitfalls from the beginning and thus keep the certification duration small. Our Licensee Platform already implements all the necessary interfaces, so you can start integrating your smart home device right away. We will gladly support you here as well with our comprehensive experience with the ADK. Good contacts to test houses and experience with the American import customs complete our service.

  • How does it work?

    Illustration shows optional equipment at extra cost This method is called In-Field Provisioning: Your devices receive all necessary secrets via encrypted communication with our platform. We additionally support Factory Provisioning as well.

Successfully implemented

GARDENA Smart Garden

Overnight, Gardena has given all fans of the popular Smart Garden products an enhancement: integration with Apple HomeKit.
Software Authentification
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