Your assets,
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Keep an eye on your assets, always and everywhere, by robust tracking solutions from one of the IoT world market leaders.


Attractive pricing

Attractive pricing

Affordable entry for the locating and tracking of equipment and supplies (assets) by low costs.

Easy installation & activation

Easy installation & activation

Plug & play thanks to simple mounting options of the device and an integrated and pre-configured SIM-card for an instant start.

Operation free of maintenance

Operation free of maintenance

Robust tracking device with an independent minimum life of 8 years through solar energy in combination with a battery storage.

Global reach

Global reach

Using A-GPS (assisted GPS) as well as a secure, regulated and energy-saving IoT cellular technology (Narrowband-IoT & LTE-M) to provide global tracking.

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Digitization of supply chains

Do you want to bring more transparency in your global supply chain? Asset Tracker Solar supports you on the move to a digitized supply chain. Equipped with A-GPS and the latest LPWA cellular IoT technology (Narrowband-IoT & LTE-M) you are able to track the location of your goods in much of the world. The device can easily be mounted on all types of assets and simply works without external power supply. With a minimum life of 8 years there is no need for maintenance. Worry-free tracking, simple as that.


Managing means of transportation

Are you looking for a simple solution to manage means of carriage? Asset Tracker Solar gives you the view onto your complete fleet of containers, tanks and assets in general. Find out if your goods are still on the way or standing still for an extended period of time. Recognize at a glance if the demand can be covered by empty containers nearby and save expenses based on empty runnings. Monitoring of utilization can enable well-founded decision-making. Asset Tracker Solar is proper for mounting e.g. at trucks, trailers, swap bodies, trains, wagons, shipment containers and many more.


Optimizing transparency and efficiency in rental business

Are you wondering where to find you rental equipment and how it is used? Keep tracking your rental goods. The integrated motion sensor activates the Asset Tracker Solar device in case of movement. As a result you are able to monitor around the clock and avoid damages caused by loss or theft. In addition you can analyze the usage behavior and optimize your existing business model or develop new business models for increasing profits.


Reducing search times for mobile working equipment

Do you want to reduce searching times for equipment? Asset Tracker Solar is an affordable IoT solution to track and locate also smaller assets like forklifts, trailer or tools. Get more transparency on and around construction sites or plant grounds and make life easier for your employees. Analyze the usage of your equipment and derive maintenance measures in a proper way.

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