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IoT and Smart Products from end to end.

grandcentrix offers quality-leading Digital Product Engineering Services for Smart Products, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Home and Smart Energy. Our in-house technology and user experience expertise covers the full range necessary to create future-proof, large-scale IoT solutions. As a dependable partner working in close cooperation with our customers and a passionate innovation driver for the market, we are firmly positioned at the forefront of the digital transformation.

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Agile and inter- disciplinary

Our interdisciplinary teams consist of over 150 experts from the fields of interaction & interface design, engineering (electronics, embedded, platform, front-end, cyber-physical security, distributed ledger technology) as well as system integration, maintenance and operation. Our employees witness and experience the entire development process. For our customers and partners, this means we cover all project stages and processes from the initial definition of objectives to the completed product.

User-centered, performant, secure – we manage projects from the product idea to series production!

This is what we value


We live in a world full of possibilities. A world constantly being changed by new ideas. This dynamic energy suits our nature and drives us to continuously reinvent ourselves.


Our interdisciplinary expertise and the agile nature of our daily activities set us apart from competitors in the marketplace. We work tirelessly to further enhance this distinction.


With our customers or among ourselves – we believe respectful interaction with others, as equals, to be the primary foundation of any successful activity. By the way, not just in a professional context.


We carry pioneering spirit in our DNA. It’s not enough to stand shoulder to shoulder beside others at the forefront of technology. Exploration, outside the comfort zone, is deeply rooted in our company culture.


We don’t promise anything we can’t keep. That you can count on. Absolute truthfulness in our communications along the entire process is not optional.


We continually seek the best solutions for our customers, developing products that make users’ lives simpler and more enjoyable through ideal technologies. This is what guides us forward.


Sustainable growth is one of our core goals. To this aim, all business activities are subject to high ethical, social and ecological standards, the fulfilment of which we see as non-negotiable.


We work and act with an agile mindset company-wide. Transparency throughout all our processes is no virtue, but simply a foundation for everything we do. This applies equally in our cooperation with customers.

Management Team

Ralf Rottmann

Managing Partner

Ralf is Managing Partner and innovation driver of grandcentrix. He charts our fundamental strategic course.

Following decades in the conception and development of enterprise software and the successful sale of his previous company to Alcatel in 2008, Ralf ensures that grandcentrix maintains an ever-questioning, and thereby self-renewing, dynamism.

Martin Willnow

Managing Partner

Martin is Managing Partner and the commercial backbone of grandcentrix. His stated credo: sustainable growth on a stable foundation.

Martin’s over 15 years of experience in the sale of software solutions for large enterprises guarantee grandcentrix a keen eye for proportion when aligning the financial and qualitative interests of the customer.

Veronica Garcia

VP Engineering

Veronica is the technical head at grandcentrix and leads all of Engineering.

After stations at IBM and Avaloq Evolution AG, Veronica took over one of the most important major projects at grandcentrix and led it to success. Her background as a Senior Developer and her clear understanding of our customers’ business goals ensure the fulfillment of the grandcentrix quality pledge.

Marius Jeskulke

VP Sales & Operations

Marius heads the sales operations at grandcentrix and is the primary contact for our customers.

Under Marius’s leadership, projects hit the ground running. He transports the perspective of the customer into the grandcentrix universe, and guarantees, with the properly orchestrated entry of all involved parties, a critical success factor for complex digital solutions right from the start.

Stephan Hochhaus

VP Organizational Development

Stephan is in charge of the continuous development of the grandcentrix organization.

Holistic, end-to-end solutions place high demands on a company’s organization, its architectures and human resources. Stephan manages the personnel and organizational structures of grandcentrix with a combination of foresight and an eye for detail.


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